October: Breast Cancer Awareness

October: Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer in the Region of the Americas

In the Region of the Americas, breast cancer is the most common in women and the second leading cause of cancer death in women. It is estimated that more than 462,000 women are diagnosed and approximately 100,000 die from breast cancer each year. It is estimated that if current trends continue, by 2030 it will increase by 34% in the Region of the Americas.

In high-income countries, organized mammography screening programs have led to early diagnosis and, together with effective treatment, have led to reduced mortality from breast cancer. However, there are many challenges in implementing these types of effective organized screening programs in resource-limited settings. Therefore, awareness and understanding of breast cancer risks, early signs and symptoms, and general breast health awareness is an important part of a public health approach to breast cancer.

Join the October awareness campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer and support women to reduce their risks, participate in screening and seek medical attention if they detect a suspicious lump. Go to your EBAIS or health center and request a medical check-up.

Cancer is currently the second cause of death in Costa Rica and the greatest threat to the health of Costa Ricans. Currently 8 people die a day in the country from some type of cancer and during the next 10 years, it is estimated that the increase in the incidence of this disease will produce almost 11 thousand new cases per year.

During this month of October, Laboratorio Bioclinic in Puerto Viejo, will be offering awareness content and supporting women with breast cancer. Follow our BLOG on our website.

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